About Us

Welcome to 4youth.eu!

This website was created and is administrated by the current volunteers of the youth organization "Technology Education Sports" (TES), to present the project's tasks and the volunteers' experiences in an informative and appealing way. In this way, future volunteers or applicants for the project, as well as visitors who are interested in getting to know our organization, can get a lot of information about the daily life of the volunteers. More over, this page is like a more detailed and more personal description of the project "Computer Adventure" and has the function of a continuation of our website experimental.gr.
In many different articles on this website, you can read the volunteers' reports about their experiences in the different project tasks and of course in the Greek culture.

Starting from June 2011, this website contains reports about all the special events and the varied tasks, that "TES" offers to young people that take part in a youth program like the European Voluntary Service (EVS).

Besides the work at the computer or the voluntary service we offer to a local cultural and sports club, there is also a lot to explore on Chios and the surrounding area.

Enjoy reading our reports that are equipped with lots of pictures! If you have any further question or you require any information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

The "TES" Team